Let's turn your podcast into a world-class SHOW

Operation Podcast is so much more than just courses that teach you how to successfully launch, grow, and monetize your podcast - we also offer a full suite of production services to save you valuable time and provide consistent, professional, multi-platform content.

We help make your content be heard and seen in ways you never thought possible.


🎙 Audio Editing 🎙


Your sound quality is the first thing listeners notice which is why our professional audio engineers will clean up your show to get it sounding like a professional production! Examples of services include:

*Volume normalizing

*Sound compression

*Dynamics & equalization

*Removal of fillers words, sound glitches, & other interruptions

*Intro, outro, ads, theme music


🎥 Video Editing 🎥 


Being heard is one thing, but imagine growing your podcast's reach by offering video content for other platforms! Having your show seen allows you to tap into multiple platforms for new audiences and clients to find you. Examples of services include:

*Captioned social media videos (IGTV, Reels, TikTok, etc.)

*Social media stories 


*YouTube & long format video

*Custom templates available


✍️ Graphics & Written Services ✍️


Quality audio comes first, then video content, and then written versions of your podcast for maximizing your podcast's success. Save valuable time with incredible show notes for your podcast! Services available are:

*Show notes

*SEO-driven summaries with timestamps, episode highlights, and quotes


*Quote cards & infographics

*YouTube thumbnail & banner

*Blog images


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Studio quality sound that doesn't break the bank - clean audio is a must for podcasters!

The first few seconds of your show can be the difference of gaining a raving new fan or losing a listener forever. Getting your show out there is important, but no longer is it acceptable to have a podcast that sounds like it was recorded in a wind tunnel by cyborgs!

Listen here to an episode from the Operation Podcast show. 🔥🎙🔥 

Admit it... they caught your attention!

Hubspot, an American developer marketer of software products for inbound marketing and sales, reported that as of April 2020 70% of companies invest in content marketing and the primary form of that marketing is video.

Infographics (like our podcast quote cards at the bottom of this page) are the fourth most used form of marketing.

80% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing.

An eye-catching thumbnail can mean the difference between someone watching your content or scrolling by.

And don't forget the written copy! Our team of proficient writers create SEO-driven advanced show notes to drive traffic to both your website and podcast!

The numbers don't lie!

CLICK HERE for expanded content from this episode

Captioned social media videos

Facebook says that adding captions to your videos can increase view time by as much as 12%, and in fact over 85% of Facebook videos are watched on mute!

A recent study showed that captioned videos across the board saw a 40% increase in views.

You never know where your listener may find your podcast, in fact they may not even be a listener at all yet! Captioned content helps deliver your message no matter what.


Still not convinced of the power that other media platforms can have for growing your podcast? 

Nearly 50% of the world's population uses social media, spending a global daily average of nearly 2.5 hours per person on social media.

Think of all of those millions of eyes and ears waiting to see your podcast and hear your message!

... keep going, we have plenty more examples for you!


YouTube intros

Capture your audience's attention with stunning graphics to hook them into your content to become raving fans! Here is one we custom created for the top-ranked show Ever Forward Radio that, thanks to the power of video content, grew to over ONE MILLION downloads in 2019 after launching in 2017!

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Audiograms & Quote Cards

One of the most popular ways to promote your podcast on social media, audiograms are still images with an audio wave overlaid to provide a visual and auditory sample of your content.

Quote cards, a.k.a. infographics, have become one of the ways many social media accounts grow so quickly due their ease in interpreting powerful messages to followers.


And don't think we forgot about your highly-engaged social media stories!

Many of our clients find that they have the most success staying engaged with their audience through the power of personable and entertaining stories on Instagram and Facebook.

That is why we also can provide your show with eye-catching stories with unique calls to action so you don't have to find a matching GIF or clever emoji every time - you are too busy being a podcasting rockstar, running your business, and living your best life!

Here is one from Ever Forward Radio with esteemed guest Maye Musk (yes, that Musk).