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WHO This Course is For

This is for you if you have thought about starting your podcast but have not taken action yet because:

-You don't know where to begin

-You don't think you're tech-savvy enough

-You have questions around how to deliver your products/services in an effective manner

-Your life has already been impacted by the content you have consumed on podcasts

-You want to monetize your message

Our curriculum teaches you exactly how to use this powerful tool that is unique from every other platform.

WHY You Need a Podcast

Why should I start a podcast? You have probably asked yourself this question over and over, but we beg the question... why NOT?

Why NOT bring your area of expertise or passion project to an audience base of millions?

In 2019 alone, over 197 million Americans have consumed podcasts. And podcast listeners are loyal, consuming 7 shows a week on average.

You need a podcast because you are leaving impact and income on the table by not providing your future audience with the products and services they need from you.

HOW to Launch Your Podcast

Letting the fear of picking the right microphone or scouring the internet for the best "How to Podcast" videos keeping you from taking action?

You will learn the following, no matter your budget or skill level:

-How to choose the right equipment for your style of show

-Which editing software to use

-How to build significant relationships with your guests and grow your network

Stop letting the excuse of not knowing how to podcast prevent you from podcasting and let this content solve those initial obstacles!


Meet Your Guide

Chase Chewning, host of the top-ranked Ever Forward Radio podcast with over ONE MILLION downloads and streams, will be your personal guide every step of the way.

What are you waiting for?

You have been waiting long enough. The concept burning inside of you deserves to be shared with the world and podcasting is the perfect platform to deliver that message.

Let's Get Started

The OPERATION: Podcast courses and community await you. We have the experience and the tools necessary to educate and empower you to start the next great podcast - YOURS!


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