Welcome to OPERATION PODCAST. We are the trusted resource you have been searching for to launch, grow, and monetize your podcast and connect to a community of podcasters of all levels.

We also offer a full suite of premier podcast production and consulting services for your show that is looking to be fully optimized to for its maximum outreach and engagement potential and make sure it is in total alignment with your brand, your business, and your story.

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Our courses are for you if

You have thought about starting your podcast but have not taken action yet because:

-You don't know where to begin

-You don't think you're tech-savvy

-You have questions around how to deliver your message in an effective manner

-Your life has already been impacted by the content you consume on this platform

-You have tried to start before but "podfaded" because you ran out of time, ran out of things to say, or didn't see a return on your time, energy, and resources 

Operation Podcast curriculum teaches you exactly how to use this powerful tool that is unique from every other platform.

With new content added regularly by professional podcasters you will always stay ahead of the crowd.

Podcasting is for you if

You have asked yourself the following question - Why should I start a podcast?

We beg the question why NOT?

Why NOT bring your passion or area of expertise to one of the fastest growing platforms in the world?

In 2019 alone, over 197 million Americans consumed podcast content. Podcast listeners are loyal, consuming 7 shows a week on average. Also, the average consumption time of a podcast is about 34 minutes - that means you have your audience's attention for plenty of time to impact their lives!

You need to start a podcast because you are leaving impact and potential income on the table by not providing your audience with the education, entertainment or empowerment they need that only you can provide.

Problems that we will solve for you include

-How to choose the right equipment for your show and edit like a pro 

-How to optimize your host site and broadcast your show on every major platform 

-How to build significant relationships with your guests, grow your network and potentially add new revenue streams to your business

-How to get valuable time back in your busy life so that your podcast does not have to just another thing on your plate that does not give you an ROI

-How to secure your next great guest that is right for your show and overall brand

-How to properly pitch yourself as a guest for other podcasts 

And so much more!


Meet Your Guide

Chase Chewning, host of the top-ranked Ever Forward Radio podcast with over ONE MILLION downloads and streams, will be your personal guide every step of the way.

What are you waiting for?

You have been waiting long enough. The concept burning inside of you deserves to be shared with the world and podcasting is the perfect platform to deliver that message.

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The content and community at OPERATION PODCAST are waiting for you. We have the experience and the tools necessary to educate and empower you to start the next great podcast - YOURS!


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