All The Services You Need to Get Your Podcast Sounding & Looking Its Best

Whether a one-off editing or one of our full-suite launch and regular production packages we have the services you need to make your podcast shine.

The power of podcasting is stronger than ever, with that comes new demands such as not just quality audio but video, social media graphics, attention grabbing thumbnails, curated show notes, transcriptions, and more. You never know where your audience is going to find you, so being everywhere is incredibly valuable.

Operation Podcast offers you everything you need to have your podcast heard and seen no matter the platform you post on.

Choose from one of our three most popular packages, or contact us for a custom creation!

Starting at as little as $500/month the Podcaster, Creative, and Influencer packages have served so many four clients. But we specialize in the customization of audio, video, and written content - let's get creative together!

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The Podcaster


Our most straight-forward service; raw content goes in, premium podcast comes out!

Includes premium audio editing,  show notes, and host site uploading and management.

The Creative


Including all of "The Podcaster" services, this package takes it a step up.

As a Creative, you know that content is currency! This service provides you with advanced show notes as well as captioned video clips for Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts. 


The Influencer


The ultimate package! Including all "The Creative" services, our Influencer package gives you additional valuable content in the form of full-length video editing, option for supplemental promotional items like quote cards, complete episode transcriptions, as well as additional captioned social media videos, and thumbnail images for YouTube.

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Brand new to podcasting?

We would love to help

launch your show!

With all of the tech and host sites and post-production... we get it, launching a podcast can be overwhelming! Allow us to do the heavy lifting for you and serve as your personal guides to successfully launching your podcast.

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Need something customized?

Want a little of this, a little of that? No worries! We create custom packages for clients very often and would love to hear what you have in mind for you show so we can help make it a reality!

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