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Going Beyond the Physical and Using Podcasting to Become More Comfortable in Your Profession with Anthony Woods and Tori White

Uncategorized Jan 03, 2021

Anthony Woods is the host of The More Than Muscle podcast, a Professional Men’s Physique Competitor and a 3x IFBB Olympian. He’s a fitness enthusiast who started out with the podcasting journey to explore various other aspects of people that could be celebrated other than the popular ones people know of. Listen in as Anthony shares his thoughts and vision behind the world of podcasts and how it’s helped him in the long run.

Tori White is a health and wellness coach, model, personal trainer and the host of the podcast Let’s Get Comfee. Following her deep sense of self-love and uniqueness, Tori stepped into the podcasting world to share topics that go beyond fitness and health. She brings in a variety of topics to discuss so that you can sit comfortable, listening to great experiences and stories worth inspiring!

Anthony had been an avid podcast listener while Tori hadn’t been so much into it before deciding to start with one herself. Perhaps, you only need to follow your passion and start with it if that happens to be your calling. Join us today as we discuss their journeys into the world of podcasts and how it’s helped them professionally and personally. Also get to know some of their favorite podcasts and why the medium of audio continues to be one of the best for learning.

Have you been wanting to start one for your own? Tune in, for we have some great advice to give you today!


Key Timestamps:

[02:06]- Anthony's story. He discusses his love for podcasts and why he decided to start one himself. 

[02:46]- Tori’s story. She was not a podcast listener, but wanted to share stories to help inspire people. Learn how she jumped into it! 

[03:32]  This is how Anthony started his podcast.

[04:25]  Tori shares why she wanted to start real, honest raw conversations covering a wide variety of topics, and widen that horizon of thoughts by bringing in different ideas.

[09:51]  Know the Perks of podcasting that the duo have experienced

[12:50]  Opportunities out of podcasting- Public Speaking?

[14:07]  Podcasts Anthony and Tori listen to

[16:31]  Know where you can find their podcasts!

[20:43]  Some propelling advice for you- Just do it, jot down the ideas, brainstorm. Go for it!



“I feel like there’s also a part of me that not everyone gets to see.”

“I wanted to create an environment where people can express who they are, even if it’s not necessarily something that they are celebrated for.”

“The more and more that I speak to people, and the more and more I interact, the more I learn what’s expected of me and how I proceed.”

“I think there’s so much power in spoken word.”


Connect with Anthony and Tori:

Anthony: @ant_woodz

Tori: @toriwhitee_


Connect with Us:

Instagram:  @operationpodcast and @chase_chewning

Website: www.operationpodcast.com 


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