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A Podcast in Motion Stays in Motion with David Skolnik, DPT

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2021

In this episode, Chase interviews David Skolnik, Doctor of Physical Therapy, a certified strength, conditioning, and powerlifting coach. David is also the host of The Essential Strength podcast, where he talks about strength in different forms- physical, mental, intellectual, and professional. 

To David, strength is the lifeblood that runs through most of what he does and has been his fitness choice for as long as he can remember. Today, he shares the backstory behind starting his podcast, his love for fitness and strength, and how the podcasting space has helped him level up as a person and professional. A planner by nature, David shares how exploring all the available options and proper organization of ideas helped him launch his podcast with ease!


Key Timestamps:

[02:24]- David shares his background story and all about his new podcast with us 

[04:39]- Why David decided to do podcasts

[10:33] David shares that he has always been a planner

[13:04] David on his investment choices for the podcast

[19:02] Learn the different opportunities that the podcasting space gave him

[21:52] David speaks about the charity efforts he wishes to make through the podcast

[25:50] Learn where you can find David and his podcast

[27:48] The one piece of advice David has for any of you wanting to start a podcast



“Podcasting gave us a chance to sort of reignite the flame that the two of us had started creating, we both love educating people, and having a chance to sort of explore the types of concepts were really fascinated by but maybe don't have a chance to dive into in other areas of your professions.”

“The podcast platform is a way to grow a business or to support something that you're already doing and offer a product or service.”

“When I have an idea, I just want to get it out there as fast as possible.”


Connect with David:

Website: strongerinmotion.com

Instagram: @davidskolnik.dpt and @essential.strength.podcast

Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-essential-strength-podcast/id1519379794 


Connect with Us:

Instagram: @operationpodcast and @chase_chewning

Website: www.operationpodcast.com 



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