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Podcast Branding Do's and Don'ts with India Jackson

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2021


India Jackson is a successful entrepreneur and podcast host of The Flaunt Your Fire Podcast. India and Chase discuss stepping into podcasts and how they helped them grow personally and professionally. Learn about India's accidental happy entry into the podcasting space and how that brought her incredible growth!


Podcasts- A Record of Inspiring Conversations

Podcasting was not something India ventured into intentionally. A gifted writer, however, India did not enjoy the process of writing, but her role demanded her to summarize guest interviews into blog posts. While she was interviewing her friend, she thought about recording it. That is when she realized she had just done a podcast! It later went on to get five stars on major podcasting platforms. They talked about diversity, equity, inclusion, life, and navigating the ethical marketplace and business on the show. Later, they transitioned to a secondary podcast called Flaunt Your Fire, where they dive into branding, visibility, and marketing topics.

"Everything transpires in the way that we all hope, which is that our podcasts grow when we reach more people. It becomes more and more complicated to double back on some of the decisions that we've made, that may be misaligned with our values if we didn't ask ourselves that from the beginning."


Podcasts- Why Should You Define Your Brand?

A brand isn't just about the visual aspects of your business or venture. It's also about reputation. Your brand's visuals help determine the public reputation of your podcast or host. It can help set you apart from the rest. Although you could begin to influence your audience with the colors, the logo, the podcast cover art, and the like, you can also decide how you show up in front of the camera and create a reputation around that. The foundation before getting to design is asking ourselves the intention and value that brought us up there.

"Ultimately, that description, that reputation, what is said IS THE BRAND."


About India Jackson:

"India Jackson is the CEO of Flaunt Your Fire and co-founder of Pause on the Play The Community, helping entrepreneurs amplify their influence without changing who they are. From beauty model and bodybuilder to published photographer, for ten years, India watched as talented professionals were forced to adopt identities that were sellable but not authentic. Her brand visibility agency and podcast now help clients ditch stale marketing, break out of industry molds, and build authority by being themselves.

India is a first-generation college graduate, earning a Bachelor of Art and Design while working full time and launching a business. She's been featured by Forbes and She Podcasts Live and is trusted by leading brands across North America, including Christian Dior."


Key Highlights of the Episode:

  • We can no longer get away with not addressing the branding and the visual appeal of podcasts
  • More about Pause on the Play The Community and the resources it gives to start your brand new podcast.
  • Sponsorships as a podcaster's way of doing business.
  • Clubbing personal and business podcast types to stand strong in the industry.
  • Being more intentional about your podcasting venture and continuing to grow. 




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