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Archive Your Content and Increase Your Social Media Reach Through Podcasting with Jumha Aburezeq

Uncategorized Aug 19, 2021

Jumha Aburezeq is the host of the Not So Stoopid podcast, a podcast that talks about all things fitness, nutrition, mindset, and personal development.

In this episode of Operation Podcast, Jumha details his interest in podcasts and the leverage it provides for creating content across different social media platforms such as TikTok. Jumha shares how his client base shot up and business took better shape after becoming a podcaster. He also elaborates on the different opportunities, personal and professional growth and audience outreach he’s gained and how Operation Podcast played a pivotal role in the venture!

Podcasts are a great way to archive quality content!

People can look up the answers to their questions from your podcast content library. This not just saves time but also helps by not degrading the quality of your answer over time. 

The long form content also helps in keeping people engaged and make them want to listen to more.

“This is a good way for me to have archived content for people to look at, that is kind of individualized, it's semi interactive in the way that I use it, because I like to use it for Q and A's and going on long form content.” 

Podcasts are an excellent means to increase your social media outreach!

You could repurpose your podcast content into short video or audio clips for TikTok or other social media platforms. Every platform could be used as a tease for another platform - this also ensures a continuous flow of content.

Jumha shares that he’s so far found the most conversions on TikTok.

“One 20-minute podcast can make me five good one-minute videos or less for Instagram and TikTok. And that's like a week of content that I don't have to worry about. And still valuable for people. So it's been a big time saver and still a big value producer as well.” 

About Jumha Aburezeq:

Jumha Aburezeq is the President and Head Nutrition Coach at StoopidFit, a platform that offers simple ways to stay fit. He is also the host of the Not So Stoopid podcast, a one-stop-shop for all things fitness, nutrition, mindset, and personal development.

While pursuing an engineering degree, Jumha got certified as an NCAA collegiate athlete, thus drastically improving his understanding of training and nutrition. Post-graduation, he started StoopidFit, a lifestyle coaching platform to take out the complexity of fitness and nutrition from people's lives.make it as simple as possible

Key Highlights of the Episode:

  • Jumha’s motto behind StoopidFit - “everything in its root is very simple, but people choose to complicate it.”
  • With podcasts, you answer people’s questions once instead of having to repeat them over and over again.
  • Operation Podcast’s podcasting course helped Jumha successfully launch his podcast - it is an excellent means to clarify and understand everything in one place.
  • Podcasts are a great way to have conversations with noteworthy people. It also increases your exposure to new people.
  • With podcasts, you can have a steady stream of content that you can reproduce or repurpose for different platforms.
  • You might suck at podcasting early on, but it’s okay. It gets you started.
  • Though your podcasts could be an extension of your business and a revenue-generation means, you could always remember to have as much fun as possible when doing anything.


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