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Using Podcasting for Mind Muscle Enlightenment with Maggie Dong

Uncategorized Dec 27, 2020

Maggie Dong is a Fitness & Life Coach and Host of the Mind Muscle Enlightenment Podcast.

She’s always been passionate about fitness and has embarked on a rebranding and expansion of her business this time by including all four aspects of fitness in her professional coaching life- Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual fitness. Maggie discusses how she transformed her shy, introverted self to becoming a strong social person today following her intuition and gathering success all the way round.

Join us today as we discuss fitness, the world of podcasts, intuition and the incredible amount of energy that you reflect when you do something that you were meant to. Also, learn to understand that there’s always a way out of a difficult situation or challenge. All it takes is finding the right person to approach for advice and having the right mindset to do that. Listen in for impactful words and guidance to help kickstart your dream venture!


Key Timestamps:

[02:17]- Maggie's story. Know why she wanted to explore topics beyond Physical health to Mental, Emotional and Spiritual health. Maggie shares the feeling of not being fulfilled and the need to go deeper into personal development.

[03:27]- About starting the Mind Muscle and Enlightenment Podcast and who it is for. Maggie shares that it is majorly for women who want to dive deeper into themselves. 

[09:52]  Overcoming fear and starting out on your purpose.

[12:25]  Perks of podcasting- Maggie shares how podcast listeners become very committed to getting to know her more. You also get to make more meaningful relationships with not only raving fans, but also your guests.

[16:05]  Maggie shares her new collaborations and the things coming up in her life!

[18:08]  Know more about Maggie’s podcast.

[19:41]  Some propelling advice for you- Take a leave, listen to your intuition and see how things magically work out in life!



“Your true soul, your higher self, doesn’t know fear.”

“The end goal is there, but whatever path you take is up to you.”

“Do the thing that moves you forward.”

“What you should be really scared of, is regret.”

“If you let your fear stop you, you’re going to end up with regret by the end of your life.”



Book: Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday


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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maggiedong_/?hl=en



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