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Being Relatable and Showing Up for Your Audience with Claire Chewning

Uncategorized Oct 14, 2020

Join Host Chase Chewning as he interviews Claire Chewning. She is a registered dietician and podcast host of Yours Chewly. They discuss the origin story of her podcasting journey, the value of being friendly, the importance of building a network, and so much more!

So, ‘chewn’ in to hear how being a part of Operation Podcast can provide you with new opportunities, collaborations and ultimately connect you on a personal level with other like-minded incredible people like Claire!



In this episode, you will learn:

  • [3:02] Why she decided to start podcasting.
  • [6:23] The importance of having the RIGHT resources to get started.
  • [11:45] The value of being relatable to your audience.
  • [13:58] The incredible networking platform hosting a podcast provides.
  • [18:40] Where you put your attention matters in creating opportunities.
  • [22:45] Why you should ‘chewn’ into her show.
  • [24:47] Her #1 piece of advice for starting a podcast.


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Starting a Podcast From Scratch with Anthony Spada

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2020

Join Chase Chewning and Anthony Spada as they talk about the very first steps he took to initiate his podcast, Ace of Spada, how the show evolved quickly, and what are his key recommendations to join the podcast world. Anthony is a fitness and nutrition coach who watched his audience and client roster grow as he started his podcast. Stay tuned and enjoy!




  1. You can (and should) start a show with few resources.
  2. How starting a podcast was fundamental for Anthony to build relationships.
  3. The correlation between a podcast and a coaching business (and how they intertwine).


Guest Bio:

Anthony Spada is a Health, Fitness and Nutrition Coach who has been working towards spreading great messages via his podcast, Ace Spada. Originally from Washington D.C., Anthony had a habit to listen to different podcasts on his way to work, on the metro. One day he just asked himself the magic question: “Why not me?”. From that...

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Making Your Podcast One of a Kind with Grace Oak

Uncategorized Sep 27, 2020


Join Host Chase Chewning, interview Grace Oak, millennial host of “OneofaKind”(OAK) Podcast. In this episode, Grace shares why she decided to start, “One of A Kind” podcast; a personal guide to a millennial's journey through others' experiences. She talks about how the educational platform - Operation Podcast helped her launch her podcast, gain recognition and get an unexpected affiliate sponsorship.



Tune in to hear how being a part of Operation Podcast can provide you with new opportunities, collaborations and ultimately connect you on a personal level with other like-minded incredible people! As a millennial skyrocket- gaining traction fast, come listen to the advice Grace has to give to someone just starting in the podcast space!


About Grace Oak 

Grace Oak is host to, “One of a Kind podcast” (OAK). It was through a year of feeling like she was losing control in various aspects of her life, that led her to dive...

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Podcasting is Just What the Doctor Ordered with Dr. Jade Teta

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2020


The doctor is in the house! Dr. Jade Teta's specialty is "integrative endocrinology." It's the study of hormones & metabolism. Most of his career has been helping the most difficult metabolic cases lose weight. Jade has a license in California & Washington State and can prescribe all drugs except schedule I & II. He is not opposed to pharmaceuticals and does use them, he just prefers to lean on lifestyle change and natural approaches first.

He is also an author. In his field of medicine they have a principle called Docere. It means "doctor as teacher." That's what he spends most of his time doing now; teaching through writing. He writes books and creates online educational products on metabolism, fitness & personal development. He teaches in three distinct areas; mind, muscle and metabolism.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why a doctor chose podcasting to grow his practice
  • What it means to be a next level human 
  • How podcasting...
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Make Your Podcast Boom with Cody McBroom

Uncategorized Sep 04, 2020



See when it comes to training and nutrition, Cody tried it all. Literally. He has done a bodybuilding show, trained CrossFit seriously, used training for sport specific purposes, done countless photoshoot preps, used intermittent fasting for at least a full year before it was trendy, needed a paleo elimination diet to help with some autoimmune issues he faced, clean bulked and dirty bulked, rapid weight cuts and slow and steady cuts, high carb and low carb.

It was all just so fascinating to him! Not only the fact that he has all these tools to manipulate how one performs or looks, but also how they think and the strong mindset one can develop through training and nutrition. It’s something that nobody should ignore, because it’s a tool to more power, clarity and happiness.

That’s why he decided to dedicate his life to health, fitness and nutrition. It has been the one thing he has truly felt called to do... besides podcasting! In this episode, Cody...

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Finding Xtraordinary with Seth Markzon

Uncategorized Aug 13, 2020

Seth Markzon is a licensed practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and host of the Finding Xtraordinary podcast. Seth was a naturally curious guy who was always looking to learn as much valuable information as possible, so naturally launching his own podcast to get connected directly to industry experts, thought leaders, etc. was his next step! Tune in to learn how podcasting has completely transformed Seth's perspective on the human potential, personal and professional growth, and how it has helped his communication skills.



In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What can happen beyond your original plans through the power of relation ship building through podcasting
  • How Seth started one show then realized he needed to pivot and rebrand entirely 
  • How to go from search engine results to conversations with leading experts 
  • Streamlining your podcasting workflow 
  • Why not letting imperfections keep you from taking action is so important 
  • And so...
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Scaling Transformative Businesses Through Podcasting with Lauren Tickner

Uncategorized Aug 07, 2020

Join Chase Chewning with his first international guest, Lauren Tickner, as they talk about podcasts and Lauren’s podcast contents. Lauren shares her journey and how she usually come up with ideas to discuss on her podcast. She also talks about how she helped some people build their own online business through podcasting. Let’s listen and enjoy this episode!



In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to successfully start an online business
  • Monetizing your podcast contents
  • How to create new opportunities from your podcast
  • Focusing on your niche, your passion, and offering it to other people yields the best success
  • And many more!



Lauren Tickner is a fitness model and video blogger from Surrey, England. ... Ever since she started her transformation, Lauren has come a long way in life. She's become a social media star and fitness model, and has inspired countless people with her incredible story


You can find Laura Tickner on…

Facebook ...

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Why Evergreen Content is Crucial for Business Growth and Social Media Promotion with Erin Dimond and Jordan Dugger

Uncategorized Jul 15, 2020

Join Chase Chewning with Erin Dimond and Jordan Dugger from The Flow State of Mind Podcast! They’re fitness coaches that aim to bring value to their audience by bringing in people who are the best at what they do. Erin and Jordan share how they started, what the podcast has brought to them and the business, and how you can properly leverage your podcast for promotion. Stay tuned, and enjoy the podcast!



Your first 50 podcast episodes are your training ground. Listen to the full interview with Erin Dimond and Jordan Dugger on Operation Podcast! www.operationpodcast.com


The Mistake of Waiting Six Months to Start a Podcast

You have to find the balance between motion and action. Jordan describes motion as a lot of researching and planning without doing anything. Action, he says, connotes presenting yourself an opportunity for failure to happen. They had the equipment, charts were all over the kitchen, and even a list of guests was prepared, but it took...

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Take Imperfect Action to Build Podcasting Momentum

Uncategorized Jul 09, 2020

Join Chase Chewning with Doctor Matt Trimner as they talk about his podcast, The Clinical Performance Podcast, and his experience on starting and doing the show. He shares his different insights on podcast equipment, increasing website traffic, and business opportunities in podcasting. Matt also gets into recording your first few cringy episodes and eventually knowing your identity as a host. Stay tuned, and enjoy the podcast!



How can you be less cringy when recording your first few podcast episodes? Listen to the full interview with Matt Trimner on Operation Podcast! www.operationpodcast.com


An Enjoyable and Cringeworthy Start to Podcasting – Don’t Miss the Conversation!

From a love of being in front of the camera and speaking, Matt started the podcast, but it wasn’t easy. Just within two days of getting the idea, he went to a local store and found out that there was no way he’ll spend so much on audio equipment. So, what he did...

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How to Podcast like a Champion with Haley and Jordan Champion

Uncategorized Jul 03, 2020

Join Chase Chewning (Operation Podcast) with Haley and Jordan Champion as they talk about Heart of a Champion Radio and how this show has led to where they are in life. The show is mainly about conversations about relationships, personal development, health, and other topics that might be relevant to them at the moment. They get into how they started, what the podcast is about, the structure they have for the show, and their take on the impact they make. Stay tuned, and enjoy the episode!



Producing a podcast is more than just sitting down with someone in a Zoom call. Listen to the full interview with Jordan and Haley Champion on Operation Podcast! www.operationpodcast.com


Road Trip Conversations

You can start a podcast from just about anything you’re interested in. Jordan and Haley thought that their deep road trip conversations would be interesting to many people, and that was the seed planted that later grew to become the Heart of a Champion Radio!...

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