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Archive Your Content and Increase Your Social Media Reach Through Podcasting with Jumha Aburezeq

Uncategorized Aug 19, 2021

Jumha Aburezeq is the host of the Not So Stoopid podcast, a podcast that talks about all things fitness, nutrition, mindset, and personal development.

In this episode of Operation Podcast, Jumha details his interest in podcasts and the leverage it provides for creating content across different social media platforms such as TikTok. Jumha shares how his client base shot up and business took better shape after becoming a podcaster. He also elaborates on the different opportunities, personal and professional growth and audience outreach he’s gained and how Operation Podcast played a pivotal role in the venture!

Podcasts are a great way to archive quality content!

People can look up the answers to their questions from your podcast content library. This not just saves time but also helps by not degrading the quality of your answer over time. 

The long form content also helps in keeping people engaged and make them want to listen to more.

“This is a good way for me to...

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How to Not Get Burned Out by Your Podcast with Wendy McCallum

Uncategorized Jul 21, 2021

Wendy McCallum is a Professional Burnout and Balance Coach and Wellness Expert. She’s the host of the Bite-Sized Balance podcast that encourages conversations on women’s wellness. In any episode, they focus on ONE bite-sized topic that empowers women to create their best lives.

In this episode of Operation Podcast, Wendy shares how she pushed through self-doubt and overcame initial friction to start and grow her podcast. Foreign to the tech side, Wendy opens up about finding the right people to support and work with on her podcast and the incredible opportunities she’s received after it gained traction!


1. Podcasts are a remarkable way of organically marketing your skills!

Essentially a coach and wellness expert, Wendy learned over time that by sharing subject matter on her podcast, she was also demonstrating her expertise and skills as a coach to numerous people at the same time. She landed many private and group coaching applications through her podcast -...

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The 7 Potholes of Podcasting with Travis Brown

Uncategorized Jun 09, 2021


Travis Brown is the creator and instructor at Shortcut to Podcasting and the Chief Podcast Producer at Podcast Buddy. He has, over the past five years, developed an amazing system for launching a new podcast and consistently releasing episodes. In this episode of Operation Podcast, Travis breaks down the SEVEN bottlenecks to podcasting in today’s times!


1. Not Making Your Podcast Audience-Centric and Inviting

The most common roadblock is that podcasters tend to make everything about themselves. Is your podcast all about you, your reviews, ratings, and scripts? If yes, there needs to be a shift in focus. And it's really easy to change that. Start inviting your audiences by asking their opinions or experience or feelings, and bring them to grow by being a part of your journey collectively.

“They [your audience] are the most important part, they are the hero of your journey.” 


2. Needing to Qualify Your Podcast Listeners

Travis suggests using...

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Podcast Branding Do's and Don'ts with India Jackson

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2021


India Jackson is a successful entrepreneur and podcast host of The Flaunt Your Fire Podcast. India and Chase discuss stepping into podcasts and how they helped them grow personally and professionally. Learn about India's accidental happy entry into the podcasting space and how that brought her incredible growth!


Podcasts- A Record of Inspiring Conversations

Podcasting was not something India ventured into intentionally. A gifted writer, however, India did not enjoy the process of writing, but her role demanded her to summarize guest interviews into blog posts. While she was interviewing her friend, she thought about recording it. That is when she realized she had just done a podcast! It later went on to get five stars on major podcasting platforms. They talked about diversity, equity, inclusion, life, and navigating the ethical marketplace and business on the show. Later, they transitioned to a secondary podcast called Flaunt Your Fire, where they dive into branding,...

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The Value of Outsourcing and Reinvesting Into Your Podcast with Jill Coleman

Uncategorized Apr 14, 2021

Jill Coleman is a mindset, body and business coach, and the host of the Fit Biz U and Best Life podcasts. Started in 2018, the Best Life podcast crossed 1 million downloads recently and is still one of the most loved podcasts for coaches. Her work has been featured in SELF magazine, Family Circle, SHAPE, Women’s Health magazine, Prevention magazine, and many online news outlets like Yahoo Health, LiveStrong.com, and AOL’s. Tune in to the episode today to learn more about Jill’s podcasting venture and why she decided to make her way into the world of audio!

Starting her first podcast with very low tech to support her, Jill focussed only on the content- bringing in quality interviews and discussion topics. As it gained momentum, she started to hire people to edit and manage content and has since seen her business capture more audiences. Have you hesitated to invest money into taking a course on learning to podcast? Jill shares why you shouldn’t be doing that....

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Destress Your Podcast with Liz Carlile

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2021

In this episode, Chase interviews Liz Carlile, a Corporate Wellness Consultant and the host of Motherhood Unstressed, a parenting and spirituality podcast. Her podcast is for people (mainly mothers) looking forward to up-level their life to find some more balance and help them in that process. Anyone looking to stress less in their lives and bring more purpose and joy would love tuning in to their show!

It was Gary Vee's talks, Liz says, that got her attracted to the world of podcasts. It was a means for her to grow and uplift others, all at the same time! While studying to become a health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she wanted to have a platform to share what they were communicating with her at the Institute. She felt more and more women would benefit from hearing it too. Learn today how she continues to work on her shows herself, the opportunities she had received because of her podcast, and why she would recommend you to start one if you want to!


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Using Podcasting to Move Your Life and Business Ever Forward with Chase Chewning, MS, ACE CHC

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2021

Host - and guest- Chase Chewning is a professional podcaster and has been doing his show since 2017, published over 400 episodes, and surpassed 1.4 million downloads to date. His show, Ever Forward Radio, is a top-ranked health and wellness podcast that brings health and fitness industry-leaders and thought provoking individuals to help others optimize their life, to live a life ever forward.

Podcasting has not always been Chase's main profession or source of income, before Ever Forward Radio he was a clinical health coach that decided to start a podcast to help his professional career. By interviewing others in his field he was able to immediately pass back the latest research and information to his clients. Along the way, listeners began reaching out to him personally through his podcast and his show turned into his strongest leader generator and asset in his business.


Connect with Us:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/operationpodcast/ and ...

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A Podcast in Motion Stays in Motion with David Skolnik, DPT

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2021

In this episode, Chase interviews David Skolnik, Doctor of Physical Therapy, a certified strength, conditioning, and powerlifting coach. David is also the host of The Essential Strength podcast, where he talks about strength in different forms- physical, mental, intellectual, and professional. 

To David, strength is the lifeblood that runs through most of what he does and has been his fitness choice for as long as he can remember. Today, he shares the backstory behind starting his podcast, his love for fitness and strength, and how the podcasting space has helped him level up as a person and professional. A planner by nature, David shares how exploring all the available options and proper organization of ideas helped him launch his podcast with ease!


Key Timestamps:

[02:24]- David shares his background story and all about his new podcast with us 

[04:39]- Why David decided to do podcasts

[10:33] David shares that he has always been a planner

[13:04] David on his...

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Going Beyond the Physical and Using Podcasting to Become More Comfortable in Your Profession with Anthony Woods and Tori White

Uncategorized Jan 03, 2021

Anthony Woods is the host of The More Than Muscle podcast, a Professional Men’s Physique Competitor and a 3x IFBB Olympian. He’s a fitness enthusiast who started out with the podcasting journey to explore various other aspects of people that could be celebrated other than the popular ones people know of. Listen in as Anthony shares his thoughts and vision behind the world of podcasts and how it’s helped him in the long run.

Tori White is a health and wellness coach, model, personal trainer and the host of the podcast Let’s Get Comfee. Following her deep sense of self-love and uniqueness, Tori stepped into the podcasting world to share topics that go beyond fitness and health. She brings in a variety of topics to discuss so that you can sit comfortable, listening to great experiences and stories worth inspiring!

Anthony had been an avid podcast listener while Tori hadn’t been so much into it before deciding to start with one herself. Perhaps, you only...

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Using Podcasting for Mind Muscle Enlightenment with Maggie Dong

Uncategorized Dec 27, 2020

Maggie Dong is a Fitness & Life Coach and Host of the Mind Muscle Enlightenment Podcast.

She’s always been passionate about fitness and has embarked on a rebranding and expansion of her business this time by including all four aspects of fitness in her professional coaching life- Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual fitness. Maggie discusses how she transformed her shy, introverted self to becoming a strong social person today following her intuition and gathering success all the way round.

Join us today as we discuss fitness, the world of podcasts, intuition and the incredible amount of energy that you reflect when you do something that you were meant to. Also, learn to understand that there’s always a way out of a difficult situation or challenge. All it takes is finding the right person to approach for advice and having the right mindset to do that. Listen in for impactful words and guidance to help kickstart your dream venture!


Key Timestamps:


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