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Going Beyond the Physical and Using Podcasting to Become More Comfortable in Your Profession with Anthony Woods and Tori White

Uncategorized Jan 03, 2021

Anthony Woods is the host of The More Than Muscle podcast, a Professional Men’s Physique Competitor and a 3x IFBB Olympian. He’s a fitness enthusiast who started out with the podcasting journey to explore various other aspects of people that could be celebrated other than the popular ones people know of. Listen in as Anthony shares his thoughts and vision behind the world of podcasts and how it’s helped him in the long run.

Tori White is a health and wellness coach, model, personal trainer and the host of the podcast Let’s Get Comfee. Following her deep sense of self-love and uniqueness, Tori stepped into the podcasting world to share topics that go beyond fitness and health. She brings in a variety of topics to discuss so that you can sit comfortable, listening to great experiences and stories worth inspiring!

Anthony had been an avid podcast listener while Tori hadn’t been so much into it before deciding to start with one herself. Perhaps, you only...

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Using Podcasting for Mind Muscle Enlightenment with Maggie Dong

Uncategorized Dec 27, 2020

Maggie Dong is a Fitness & Life Coach and Host of the Mind Muscle Enlightenment Podcast.

She’s always been passionate about fitness and has embarked on a rebranding and expansion of her business this time by including all four aspects of fitness in her professional coaching life- Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual fitness. Maggie discusses how she transformed her shy, introverted self to becoming a strong social person today following her intuition and gathering success all the way round.

Join us today as we discuss fitness, the world of podcasts, intuition and the incredible amount of energy that you reflect when you do something that you were meant to. Also, learn to understand that there’s always a way out of a difficult situation or challenge. All it takes is finding the right person to approach for advice and having the right mindset to do that. Listen in for impactful words and guidance to help kickstart your dream venture!


Key Timestamps:


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Scaling Your Business by Going All In With Your Podcast with Jason Phillips

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2020

Jason Phillips is the Founder and CEO of the Nutritional Coaching Institute and host of the All iN podcast. As "the coach of coaches", Jason has taken his own coaching business from the negative to multiple seven figures in just a few short years. Through key frameworks and the unrelenting passion to serve others he has found many systems that fulfill him personally and continue to grow his businesses, one of them being the powerful platform of podcasting. 

Tune in to this episode where Jason cuts the BS and gets straight to the valuable action items you need to take to not only grow a successful podcast but a flourishing business.



In this episode, you will learn:

  • [2:00] How your audience gets to know your true self through podcasting
  • [3:42] When and why Jason listens to podcasts to grow his business and level up his mindset
  • [7:01] Podcasting is continued awareness for your brand and networking with mentors, peers, and new clients
  • [10:01] How Jason went from...
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How to Grow Your Podcast and Your Personal Brand with Casey Adams

Uncategorized Nov 06, 2020

ALL RISE! Rise of the Young host Casey Adams joins host Chase Chewning during this special live training call inside of the OP Nation private group. This community is exclusive to students of Operation Podcast and is where the latest industry news, podcasting tips, live trainings and mentorship all goes down!

Tune in to this episode where Casey shares how, at only age 20, he has connected with such greats as Rick Ross, Larry King, Maye Musk and so many others to grow not only a successful podcast but a personal brand and lifestyle of his design.



In this episode, you will learn:

  • [1:32] Overview of what Level 101 and Level 201 has to offer
  • [4:50] Why Casey is starting a daily YouTube channel and 
  • [6:13] Casey's backstory of how we was nearly paralyzed and turned his life around through the power of seeking mentors and starting his personal brand
  • [12:30] What to focus on as a new podcaster or a pro to really grow your audience and deliver value, Casey's...
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Uplift Your Podcast, Uplift Your Business with Lacey Dunn

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2020

Join Host Chase Chewning as he interviews Lacey Dunn, CPT, RD and self-professed crazy cat lady! Lacey is passionate about helping others through her fitness and nutrition business, Uplift Fit Nutrition, and is here today to share how her podcast by the same name has exploded with new leads, clients, and collaborations through the power of podcasting.

So, tune in to hear how being a part of Operation Podcast can provide you with new opportunities, collaborations and ultimately connect you on a personal level with other like-minded incredible people like Lacey!



In this episode, you will learn:

  • [2:04] Why she decided to create her podcast
  • [4:00] Lacey spent hours learning how to launch a podcast but ultimately she just took action with a $30 mic
  • [8:25] How podcasts can help grow your social media
  • [10:00] Increased database of people and business collaborations from meeting on a podcast 
  • [13:40] Making your guests prepped and comfortable 
  • [15:40] Tips when...
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Bumping Up the Aesthetics of Your Podcast with Cristianna May

Uncategorized Oct 23, 2020

Join Host Chase Chewning as he interviews Cristianna May. She is the podcast host of the Glow Up Cult, busting the myths surrounding the aesthetics industry. They discuss why she decided to start her podcast, the fine line between looking perfect and being informed, and the value of having a mentor.

So, tune in to hear how being a part of Operation Podcast can provide you with new opportunities, collaborations and ultimately connect you on a personal level with other like-minded incredible people like Cristianna! 



In this episode, you will learn:

  • [2:09] Why she decided to create her podcast.
  • [3:15] Why podcasting is so infectious!
  • [4:25] The value of having mentors in the space.
  • [6:28] The power of podcasting to gain traction and grow your audience.
  • [10:30] The importance of staying true to yourself to attract like-minded people/brands.
  • [12:40] The problem she is solving and what you can expect when tuning in.
  • [14:40] Tips when getting into podcasting. 


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Being Relatable and Showing Up for Your Audience with Claire Chewning

Uncategorized Oct 14, 2020

Join Host Chase Chewning as he interviews Claire Chewning. She is a registered dietician and podcast host of Yours Chewly. They discuss the origin story of her podcasting journey, the value of being friendly, the importance of building a network, and so much more!

So, ‘chewn’ in to hear how being a part of Operation Podcast can provide you with new opportunities, collaborations and ultimately connect you on a personal level with other like-minded incredible people like Claire!



In this episode, you will learn:

  • [3:02] Why she decided to start podcasting.
  • [6:23] The importance of having the RIGHT resources to get started.
  • [11:45] The value of being relatable to your audience.
  • [13:58] The incredible networking platform hosting a podcast provides.
  • [18:40] Where you put your attention matters in creating opportunities.
  • [22:45] Why you should ‘chewn’ into her show.
  • [24:47] Her #1 piece of advice for starting a podcast.


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Starting a Podcast From Scratch with Anthony Spada

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2020

Join Chase Chewning and Anthony Spada as they talk about the very first steps he took to initiate his podcast, Ace of Spada, how the show evolved quickly, and what are his key recommendations to join the podcast world. Anthony is a fitness and nutrition coach who watched his audience and client roster grow as he started his podcast. Stay tuned and enjoy!




  1. You can (and should) start a show with few resources.
  2. How starting a podcast was fundamental for Anthony to build relationships.
  3. The correlation between a podcast and a coaching business (and how they intertwine).


Guest Bio:

Anthony Spada is a Health, Fitness and Nutrition Coach who has been working towards spreading great messages via his podcast, Ace Spada. Originally from Washington D.C., Anthony had a habit to listen to different podcasts on his way to work, on the metro. One day he just asked himself the magic question: “Why not me?”. From that...

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Making Your Podcast One of a Kind with Grace Oak

Uncategorized Sep 27, 2020


Join Host Chase Chewning, interview Grace Oak, millennial host of “OneofaKind”(OAK) Podcast. In this episode, Grace shares why she decided to start, “One of A Kind” podcast; a personal guide to a millennial's journey through others' experiences. She talks about how the educational platform - Operation Podcast helped her launch her podcast, gain recognition and get an unexpected affiliate sponsorship.



Tune in to hear how being a part of Operation Podcast can provide you with new opportunities, collaborations and ultimately connect you on a personal level with other like-minded incredible people! As a millennial skyrocket- gaining traction fast, come listen to the advice Grace has to give to someone just starting in the podcast space!


About Grace Oak 

Grace Oak is host to, “One of a Kind podcast” (OAK). It was through a year of feeling like she was losing control in various aspects of her life, that led her to dive...

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Podcasting is Just What the Doctor Ordered with Dr. Jade Teta

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2020


The doctor is in the house! Dr. Jade Teta's specialty is "integrative endocrinology." It's the study of hormones & metabolism. Most of his career has been helping the most difficult metabolic cases lose weight. Jade has a license in California & Washington State and can prescribe all drugs except schedule I & II. He is not opposed to pharmaceuticals and does use them, he just prefers to lean on lifestyle change and natural approaches first.

He is also an author. In his field of medicine they have a principle called Docere. It means "doctor as teacher." That's what he spends most of his time doing now; teaching through writing. He writes books and creates online educational products on metabolism, fitness & personal development. He teaches in three distinct areas; mind, muscle and metabolism.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why a doctor chose podcasting to grow his practice
  • What it means to be a next level human 
  • How podcasting...
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